2023 Future of Fashion

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2023 Future of Fashion
Contributor Names
Graham, Ashley (Host)
Brown, Joyce F., 1947- (Speaker)
An, Sumin (Designer)
Ayala, Jazmine (Designer)
Bermo, Natalia (Designer)
Bothra, Yashi (Designer)
Caraccilo, Jacob (Designer)
Catino, Brooke (Designer)
Cativa, Matias (Designer)
Chen, Sammi (Designer)
Chen, Zhiye (Designer)
Cho, Hyeyoung (Anna) (Designer)
Creed, Veronica (Designer)
Davis, Mary (Designer)
De Levente Raphael, Katelyn (Designer)
Does Hook, Mariah (Designer)
Dziekonska, Wioletta (Designer)
Edmunds, Ping (Designer)
Fugetsu, Risa (Designer)
Germano, Haily (Designer)
Gewirtz, Rachel (Designer)
Gisele (Designer)
Goldschneider, Bronwyn Chiaki (Designer)
Gray, Vanessa (Designer)
Grgas-Louie, Erin (Designer)
Guo, Jennifer (Designer)
Gutierrez, Sabrina (Designer)
Harris, Alyssa (Designer)
Ho, Jennifer (Designer)
Horton, Alyssa (Designer)
Hrinkevich, Faith (Designer)
Hsu, Sheng Ai (Designer)
Hwang, Hee Jin (Designer)
Ikegaya, Yuri (Designer)
Jean Louis, Vickitora (Designer)
Jean-Pierre, Bianca (Designer)
Jee, Janet (Designer)
Jones, Abbie-Grace (Designer)
Kent, Tessa (Designer)
Khan, MD Sharfaraz (Designer)
Khanam, Munira (Designer)
Kim, Sena Seeun (Designer)
Kumar, Hemani (Designer)
Kwon, Juan (Designer)
Learner, Nina (Designer)
Lee, Chaeeun (Designer)
Lee, KJ (Designer)
Lee, Suyeon (Designer)
Li, Zane (Designer)
Liang, Katty (Designer)
Lin, Jie (Designer)
Lindsay, Anna (Designer)
Lukban, Lorenzo (Designer)
Masoud, Amal (Designer)
McCarthy, Julia (Designer)
Millan, Andrea (Designer)
Morales, Samantha (Designer)
Nuñez, Kiara (Designer)
Patel, Shaivi (Designer)
Powers, Julia (Designer)
Robinson, Simone (Designer)
Rotunno, Devin (Designer)
Shuster, Lyndsay (Designer)
Simes, Hailey Alessandria (Designer)
Travis, Sonja (Designer)
Valentin, Adriana (Designer)
Walls, Sarah (Designer)
Werthman, Kathryn (Designer)
Williams, Keanu (Designer)
Wolf, Cecilia (Designer)
Won, Emily (Designer)
Xu, Jinny (Designer)
Yoo, Seung Joon (Designer)
Zanetti, Amanda (Designer)
Zhang, Heran (Designer)
Zhang, Lancy (Designer)
The Future of Fashion presented by Macy's, featuring looks created by a select group of 2023 graduates of FIT’s Fashion Design BFA program, spanning four concentrations—knitwear, sportswear, intimate apparel, and special occasion. Designs are inspired by personal stories and address wide-ranging themes such as heritage appreciation, sustainability, gender neutrality, accessibility, and mental health awareness.
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