Alan Fishman interview, 1996 May 21

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Alan Fishman interview, 1996 May 21
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Poll, Carol (Interviewer)
Fishman, Alan
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Alan Fishman, the son of Shirley Goodman, discusses Goodman's role in the early days of FIT. Goodman had worked on the World's Fair with Grover Whalen, and was eventually introduced to the group of successful businessmen who were founding the institute out of the High School of the Needle Trades. Fishman describes his mother's intense and lasting advocacy for the institute, though she came in without fashion industry experience. Fishman began working in the FIT mail room during his high school years. He recalls putting fliers together to announce that FIT was building a new building with the firm Deyoung & Moskowitz. Fishman then launches into a colorful description of the exchange trade fair with the U.S.S.R. in Moscow. He witnessed the infamous "Kitchen Debate" between Nixon and Krushchev and performed with a host of American models to showcase the American take on fashion. Following that summer, Fishman attended Cornell and graduated in 1966 with two years spent in Italy. He was briefly drafted, but exempted from service in Vietnam due to his family situation. He returned to FIT in 1966 as a part-time faculty member in the Fine Arts Department. Fishman discusses FIT's international involvements and his placement at the Polimoda school in Florence, Italy for 7 years at the behest of Marvin Feldman. He describes FIT's demographics in the 1960s and how those have changed in the years since. He then discusses other roles he has held at the school including time spent working with Deyoung & Moskowitz on the development of the FIT campus. He explains the Fine Arts Department's role at FIT and the founding of the Artisan Space Gallery. Finally, Fishman notes his mother's involvement with the "Inner Circle," an elite group of leading women in the fashion industry.
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Oral histories
Fishman, Alan
Goodman, Shirley, 1915-1991
Deitsch, Samuel
Haft, Morris
Kuper, Theodore Fred, 1886-1981
Whalen, Grover A. (Grover Aloysius), 1886-1962
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.)
High School of the Needle Trades (New York, N.Y.)
Brown, Nat
Lee, Tom
Layton, Joe, 1931-
Bernstein, Leonard, 1918-1990
Polimoda School
Shenkar School
Bunka College
National Institute for Fashion Trades
Feldman, Marvin
Deyoung & Moskowitz
Lambert, Eleanor
Vreeland, Diana
Soviet Union
Architectural design
Women's rights
New York (State)
New York (State)--New York
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