Japan Fashion Now
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Steele, Valerie
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Museum
Valerie Steele, director of The Museum at FIT, introduces the exhibition Japan Fashion Now.
Japan Fashion Now explored how Japanese fashion has evolved in recent years. Japanese fashion today embraces not only the cerebral, avant-garde looks associated with the first wave of Japanese design in the 1980s, but also a range of subcultural and youth-oriented styles, such as the Elegant Gothic Lolita style and the Cosplay phenomenon. In addition, Japanese fashion often has a strong component of realism and an obsessive interest in perfecting classic styles. Contemporary Japanese fashion is globally significant precisely because it mixes elements of realism, such as high-tech fabrics or creating a perfect pair of jeans, with both the avant-garde and pop cultural elements, especially those associated with electronic media, such as manga (comics), anime (animated cartoons), and video games.
Japan Fashion Now was on view from September 17, 2010 – April 2, 2011.
More about the Japan Fashion Now exhibition: http://fitnyc.edu/8726.asp
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Japan Fashion Now
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Japan Fashion Now


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