Pink Symposium: Barbara Nemitz "Pink: The Exposed Color"

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Pink Symposium: Barbara Nemitz "Pink: The Exposed Color"
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Nemitz, Barbara
The Museum at FIT presented Pink, its twentieth academic symposium. This symposium explored the significance of the color pink in fashion, art, and culture. Pink provokes exceptionally strong feelings of both attraction and repulsion, yet it is increasingly being regarded as cool and androgynous, powerful and political. Topics included the significance of pink clothing in western and non-western cultures (including India, Africa, Mexico, and Japan), the role of pink in eighteenth-century portraiture, associations of pink with politics, gender, and sexuality, and the use of pink in cinema.
Barbara Nemitz is an artist and professor of fine arts, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany. Her artwork is interdisciplinary, employing a broad range of different media. Her work includes Artist's Gardens Weimar, which focused on art with living plants, and exhibitions on the color pink. She is editor of trans plant: Living Vegetation in Contemporary Art and Pink: The Exposed Color in Contemporary Art.
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Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color


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