TEDxFIT: Finding Your Voice, Lucie Fink
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Fink, Lucie
When it comes to being a content creator, it's all about finding your voice and preferred medium. Lucie explores her journey into stop motion video production (the real driving force behind her current creative role at Refinery29) and explains how, only once she allowed herself to explore and create freely, she discovered where her true passion lies.
Lucie Fink is a Refinery29 video producer and lifestyle host as well as stop motion artist and social media influencer. At Refinery29, she created and hosts the hit YouTube series "Try Living with Lucie" where she takes on social experiments for 5 days at a time, documenting her experience vlog-style. The series won 2 bronze Telly Awards in 2017 (Best Lifestyle Content & Best Webseries). In addition to Try Living with Lucie, she has created a plethora of other video formats for Refinery29 that she hosts and produces - "Lucie for Hire" (where she tries doing another person's job for the day), original pieces for Snapchat Discover, Facebook LIVE and more. A 2014 graduate from Johns Hopkins University, Lucie graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in creative writing and a concentration in media. She has made numerous appearances on NBC's Today Show as a Millennial spokesperson, discussing a wide range of topics relevant to her generation.
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