TEDxFIT: Sagebrush, The Tumbleweed and Very Slow Fashion, Eric Mindling


TEDxFIT: Sagebrush, The Tumbleweed and Very Slow Fashion, Eric Mindling
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Mindling , Eric
This is a story about living. Old ways in the diversity of indigenous Mexico explored through the lens of traditional dress or community fashion; a way of dressing and identity that almost literally ties a community together through a collective woven and aesthetic identity. In their ancient rootedness there are lessons for our modern rootlessness. Such stories join one place or culture to another through the value of shared experience. In 1992, at the age of 23 Eric Mindling left home in the US and moved to southern Mexico following an inner calling that he didn't yet know how to name. He immersed himself in the world of traditional people; old time potters, weavers and smoky kitchen chefs and felt like he'd found home. What was calling him, he came to understand, was a search for rootedness, connection to community and place and a desire to learn quiet, old lessons from what he calls our Grandmother Cultures. "Without trying they teach us things we truly need to know, things that we forgot so long ago we don't even know they're gone."
Eric is an author, photographer and entrepreneur. He created a cultural tourism company called Traditions Mexico that builds opportunities for people to people connection.
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