Black History Month 2022: Keynote Address: Dr. Julia Iyasere

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Black History Month 2022: Keynote Address: Dr. Julia Iyasere
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This year the national theme for Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness, which examines and acknowledges the work of Black scholars and medical practitioners to better understand what has been done and what is currently being done to counter the grave deficiencies in healthcare for Black people and the stark discrepancies between the treatment of Black people and other groups in America. As part of FIT's Black History Month activities, we will present research and other work of faculty and staff that is relevant to this topic. Programming on the theme will come from within our own community and will be presented virtually during the month of February 2022.
Keynote address by Julia Iyasere, MD, Executive Director at Dalio Center for Health Justice at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.
Dr. Iyasere's keynote address, focuses on the longstanding health disparities due to race, socio-economic differences, limited access to care, and other complex factors that impact the well being of communities of color disproportionately. Introduction of keynote presenter by Dr. Ron Milon, FIT Chief Diversity Officer
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