CFMM Capstone 2013: Beauty in a Digital World

Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management


CFMM Capstone 2013: Beauty in a Digital World
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Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management Department
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Coleman, Emily
Chan, Jacqueline
Das, Courtney
Kim, Eileen
LaManna, Craig
Roberson, Erica
Sequino, Lisa
Voyten, Katherine
Edelman, Lauren
DiNunzio, Nichole
Hardyment, Alexandra
Hirschbach, Lauren
Omana, Carlos
Robl, Allison
Videira, Andrew
Davis, Adrienne
Boyce, Ashley
Cifrese, Alison
Kahn, Amanda
Kim, Janet
Reicher, Andrea
Rospars, Joe
Class of 2013 Capstone Research Presentations: Beauty in a Digital World.
In the post-Facebook IPO world, and after the success of micro targeting in the 2012 Obama Presidential Campaign, the notion of "Digital" to consumer marketing has evolved. Not every brand needs to use every aspect of Social and Digital Media, and many are learning to reframe conversations and budgets around Digital strategy based on marketing objective, rather than commerce. Digital capabilities are also unlocking opportunities for both knowledge and cost savings in the marketing spend, notably for consumer interaction and enhanced market research opportunities, with access to data leading to more customized consumer communication and product offering. With this in mind, this year's Capstone research is focused on "Beauty in a Digital World," with the support of this year's sponsors, Beiersdorf, and with Google as Research Partner.
Digital Analystics: Are brands drowning in disparate seas of data? How might we develop, test and integrate consumer insights from/in the digital world? Do the strategies differ for Mass and Luxury, or by industry? What advantages do Digital platforms offer in reaching consumers, testing concepts, and micro-targeting our approach to consumers? How does this impact brand perceptions, speed-to-market, or our understanding of markets? Group Leader: Emily Coleman. Co-Leader: Jacqueline Chan. Group Members: Courtney Das, Eileen Kim, Craig LaManna, Erica Roberson, Lisa Sequino.
Digital Commerce: What is the commercial environment of the future? What are the opportunities for beauty brands to integrate in-store and online experiences, education and service into a seamless, "zero-friction" commercial environment? How will evolving technologies continually impact commerce in the future? Group Leader: Katherine Voyten. Co-Leader: Lauren Edelman. Group Members: Nichole DiNunzio, Alexandra Hardyment, Lauren Hirschbach, Carlos Omana, Allison Robl.
Digital Marketing: What role should Digital Marketing play in the marketing mix? How can we best measure ROI and are the key objectives about driving brand sales, engaging consumers or reaching new consumers? Has consumer behavior been forever changed by Digital, and how can brands reach consumers in new and exciting ways? Group Leader: Andrew Videira. Co-Leader: Adrienne Davis. Group Members: Ashley Boyce, Alison Cifrese, Amanda Kahn, Janet Kim, Andrea Reicher.
Keynote Speaker: Joe Rospars, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner, Blue State Digital; Chief Digital Strategist, 2008 and 2012 Obama Presidential Campaigns.
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