CFMM Capstone 2015: The Future of Luxury

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CFMM Capstone 2015: The Future of Luxury
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Willersdorf, Sarah
Bopp, Amanda
Marx, Laney
Boston Consulting Group
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management Department
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.). Technology Development Team (Videographer)
Reedman, Thomas
Zavolas, Jessica
Haffer, Lauren
Lawless, Nola
Raus, Amanda
Spencer, Amanda
Moran, Corey
Burdine, Brooke
Cho, Winnie
Levis, Kristen
Navia, Alyssa
Vouard, Pierre
Talabucon, Mila
Ball, Rachel
Conlon, Julie
De Boer, Hannah
Hendershot, Juliana
Lucki, Sonya
Malhotra, Priyanka
Velazquez, Catherine
Class of 2015 Capstone Research Presentations.
The Class of 2015 partnered with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on designing a Consumer Survey that assesses emerging luxury consumer values, which was fielded by BCG with panels of 1,000 luxury consumers in each of three countries: the U.S., India and China. This is the first time that the FIT Master's Program has included independent quantitative research as part of the annual Capstone research studies.
Research Lead (BCG): Sarah Willersdorf, Principal, Boston Consulting Group, New York. Research Co-Leads (FIT): Amanda Bopp and Laney Marx, Class of 2015.
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New Epicenters of Luxury: The rise of consumer spending power in emerging markets and the renewed opportunity for luxury brands in mature markets will continue redrawing the traditional map of global luxury production and consumption. The mere scale of potential Chinese luxury consumption, and the fact that two thirds of that consumption is occurring outside of China, has massive global implications. For years, companies have been organized by geographic location with the intention of achieving economies of scale based on similar consumer demographics. Is this model of business still relevant? How might we look at the global map differently to achieve new opportunities?
Group Leader: Thomas Reedman. Co-Leader: Jessica Zavolas. Lauren Haffer, Nola Lawless, Amanda Raus, Amanda Spencer.
New Luxury Consumer Values: Consumers desire luxury products and services that deliver memorable experiences, and interactions that are more personal, authentic, and expand beyond simply the desire for luxury goods and services. There is a new sense of purpose for "new luxury" that includes a stronger focus on a brand's authentic story and heritage. Product quality and "ownable" trades of craftsmanship remain important, but consumers are constantly pushing the limits of product performance, in all senses. What values will matter to the future luxury consumer, and will they increasingly transcend product purchase and experience? What does this mean to future consumer relationships with luxury brands?
Group Leader: Corey Moran. Co-Leader: Brooke Burdine. Winnie Cho, Kristen Levis, Laney Marx, Alyssa Navia, Pierre Vouard, Mila Talabucon.
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New Luxury Platforms: The notion of retail is changing for luxury, as quickly as the epicenters of luxury and consumer values. Today, e-commerce outpaces brick and mortar five to one. Further, consumer priorities are shifting towards experience vs. product. As such, luxury brick and mortar retailers must offer consumers a new value equation. What is the right concept for the future of brick and mortar luxury retail? Is there a role for more intimate retail experiences, and is there a danger of fatigue among new consumers with the excess of global flagship stores? What is the next evolution of luxury retail?
Group Leader: Amanda Bopp. Co-Leader: Rachel Ball. Julie Conlon, Hannah de Boer, Juliana Hendershot, Sonya Lucki, Priyanka Malhotra, Catherine Velazquez.
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