Changemakers in Action: Keynote Speaker: Eileen Fisher

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Changemakers in Action: Keynote Speaker: Eileen Fisher
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Fisher, Eileen
Farra, Emily
Emily Farra, Senior Fashion News Writer, Vogue, in conversation with keynote speaker and fashion designer Eileen Fisher.
Fisher ventured into clothing design in 1984. Her original concept— simple, timeless pieces that work together to help women get dressed easily—still defines the company's collections, which are sold at 66 EILEEN FISHER stores and over 300 department and specialty stores across the U.S., U.K., and Canada, as well as at two Renew stores as part of the company's innovative recycling program.In 2009, EILEEN FISHER started a take-back program—part of a circular system designed to preserve the value of the brand's clothes at every stage, in any condition. The company has taken back over 1.3 million garments to date, transforming damaged clothes into one-of-a-kind artworks, pillows, wall hangings and accessories using a custom felting technique that requires no water or dyes. In spring 2015, EILEEN FISHER announced VISION2020, a bold five-year plan that addresses sustainability and human rights. In keeping with Fisher's belief in collaboration, VISION2020 calls for partnering with other brands to shift the fashion industry.
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Eileen Fisher, Inc.
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