Diversity Comic Con: Panel Discussion: Using current events as inspiration

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Diversity Comic Con: Panel Discussion: Using current events as inspiration
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Hughes, Kiku
McKinney, LL
Sanchez, Alex
Colvin, Andrea
As creative professionals, the real world is a continual source of inspiration whether it serves as the core setting for a work or serves as a subtle influence on its contours. But, how do creators turn real-world, current events into inspiration for fictional works? Using examples from their own works and experience, panelists will discuss how they have incorporated current events into their work or used it as inspiration for their creations. With Kiku Hughes (First Second), LL McKinney (DC) and Alex Sanchez (DC). Moderated by Andrea Colvin (Little Brown Books)
As part of its Civility Week, FIT hosted the Diversity Comic Con for a third year, and in 2020 it was completely online. The comic con features panel discussions, speed networking, drawing contest, cosplay challenge, a comic anthology an a virtual marketplace/exhibition.
While the medium of comic books has been around for almost a century, the presence of minorities—as both subjects and creators—has been sorely lacking. But times are changing, and the participation and visibility of multicultural art and stories are more crucial than ever.
More and more, the lines between print and screen media are blurring and merging as stories that were once the domain of comic books become the movies and television shows of today. Comic books are the beginning of visual storytelling.
Diversity Comic Con gives students an opportunity to be exposed to careers that are truly multidisciplinary while providing a venue to showcase their work to publishers, professionals, and the general public. This event gives them an invaluable experience and will widen their horizons.
This event is fully sponsored by a grant from the President's Diversity Council.
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