Faces and Places in Fashion: Fashion Service Network Panel

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Faces and Places in Fashion: Fashion Service Network Panel
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Stanley, Michael
Jassin, Andrew
Giberson, Karen
Nastos, Tom
Lividini, Jacqui
Larson, Trudy
Kapelman, Josh
Part presentation, part Q&A, FIT's "Faces & Places in Fashion" lecture series is an opportunity to connect students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting.
In response to the fashion industry's overwhelming need for innovation and multi-disciplinary approaches, in 2002 twenty of New York's leading service providers formed the Fashion Service Network, a group of select, experienced and seasoned professionals delivering solutions and opportunities to the industry. It is the goal of the Fashion Service Network to assist fashion companies seeking to expand, strengthen, and energize their business. To accomplish this, the Fashion Service Network reaches beyond traditional resources and provides an all-encompassing service source for the fashion industry. The group contains leaders in all professional service areas. The FSN meets regularly, exchanges information, communicates ideas, and discusses needs and opportunities. Interaction of FSN members has resulted in many business opportunities for their respective clients. FSN is truly a visionary resource that explores and implements new strategies and business practices for the fashion industry.
Panelists include Michael Stanley, Rosenthal & Rosenthal; Andrew Jassin, Jassin Consulting Group; Karen Giberson, Accessories Council; Tom Nastos, UBM plc; Jaqui Lividini, Lividini & Co.; Trudy Larson, Jassin Consulting Group; and Josh Kapelman, Hildun.
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