Faces and Places in Fashion: Joanna Buchanan

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Faces and Places in Fashion: Joanna Buchanan
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Part presentation, part Q&A, FIT's "Faces & Places in Fashion" lecture series is an opportunity to connect students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting.
Designer, business owner and entertaining expert Joanna Buchanan developed an unmistakable vision for luxury, color, texture and pattern not only from her 20 years as an accessories designer but also through her Hong Kong childhood, adult years in Europe and extensive travel throughout India.
Launched in 2014, her fashion-driven line of luxe home décor, gifting, barware, tabletop and holiday décor, is sold in the best retailers around the world and her own online store. Her self-funded, woman-owned and operated business has grown by leaps and bounds year over year and has developed a cult-like global following. A small business with big aspirations, delighting her customers with amazing products and even more amazing customer services is the cornerstone of the JOANNA BUCHANAN brand.
Ever inspired by her gardens in Connecticut, Joanna draws on the seasons, plants, flowers, and the wonderful creatures in the natural world to create collections of "jewelry for the table and tree" using the highest quality materials. Everything she creates is made to be enjoyed for years and years to come... truly future heirlooms.
Joanna believes that by scouring the world for experts, she is producing in the best possible countries for her collection - utilizing their specific expertise and craftsmanship. She is proud to work with like-minded small businesses in China, India, the Philippines, and the Czech Republic, working with dedicated artisans and aligning on the brand's goals and ethics. These relationships are key to the success of Joanna's vision.
Joanna drew inspiration for the original line of holiday decor from her mother's love of holiday decorating – and a dig through her great grandmother's vintage collection of ornaments stashed in her parent's home in the English countryside! Inspired by these finds, she envisioned a new take on classic holiday decor — an unexpected twist on conventional ornaments featuring jewelry-inspired pieces that have a vintage sophistication and glamour that has been missing from the marketplace.
Joanna's homes in New York City and Connecticut — which she shares with her husband and two children — showcase treasures picked up during her years of traveling. They epitomize her ability to curate modern colors, chic graphic patterns, and eclectic home furnishings... and is the location of many a chic event!
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