Faces and Places in Fashion: John Anthony, Fashion Designer

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Faces and Places in Fashion: John Anthony, Fashion Designer
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Part presentation, part Q&A, FIT's "Faces & Places in Fashion" lecture series is an opportunity to connect students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting.
John Anthony is an award- winning American fashion designer best known for simple, elegant clothing with a strong sense of chic. Always a minimalist, his uniquely American style ranges from sharply tailored clothes to signature pared-down evening wear that is striking without being outrageous. He is renowned for his cutting, tailoring, and overall dedication to a specialist style.
Anthony's design philosophy is a fusion of function and purpose. The function is his logical, wearable approach; the purpose, his pared-down ideas. As a designer, he considers it his job to make things easy for the customer. He designs with focus and a narrow palette for both day and night, so items can easily intermingle. He uses natural fabrics and is noted for contradictory daywear fabrics in his evening collections. In the early 70's he was one of the first designers to promote the idea of easy-to-travel clothes that resist wrinkling.
John Anthony's first collection featured masculine tailoring in pinstripe and herringbone wools, softened with blouses and pleated or smocked crêpe dresses underneath. By 1976, he was showing soft, liquid separates in muted colors that became his trademark and received two Coty awards, one in 1972 and one in 1976, as recognition.
His modern understatements have brought him commissions from high-profile clients including First Ladies, dignitaries and top celebrities.
Today, John operates an exclusive custom clothing business in New York and continues to design for modern women in need of a wardrobe for all occasions.
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