Faces and Places in Fashion: Laura Wales Holliday

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Faces and Places in Fashion: Laura Wales Holliday
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Holliday, Laura Wales
Gordon, Caroline
Part presentation, part Q&A, FIT's "Faces & Places in Fashion" lecture series is an opportunity to connect students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting.
Laura Holliday is the former CMO of successful startups Zola and Rent the Runway, and held senior marketing roles at Ralph Lauren and J.Crew. She is currently a Marketing Consultant for Depop, Strategic Advisor for Soshe, and Board Member of January Digital. Depop is "the fashion marketplace app where the next generation buy, sell, and connect to make fashion more inclusive, diverse, and less wasteful."
Early in her career, Laura worked at Williams-Sonoma as a product manager and director of eCommerce for Pottery Barn Teen. In early 2020, she had fun outside of the fashion industry, publishing a Children's book called Don't Vote for the Duck! She holds a BA from UCLA and an MBA from Stanford.
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