Faces and Places in Fashion: Seph Skerritt

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Faces and Places in Fashion: Seph Skerritt
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Skerritt, Seph
Part presentation, part Q&A, FIT's "Faces & Places in Fashion" lecture series is an opportunity to connect students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting.
Seph Skerritt is the founder and CEO of Proper Cloth. Seph founded Proper Cloth in 2008 and has since grown the business to be the leading brand for men's custom dress shirts. In his role at Proper Cloth Seph is closely involved in new technology development, product design, marketing and advertising of the business. Prior to Proper Cloth, Seph received an MBA from MIT Sloan. Seph also has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at San Diego. Seph lives in New York.
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