Faces and Places in Fashion: Transition of Style Podcast, Corinne Phillips hosts The Tailory

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Faces and Places in Fashion: Transition of Style Podcast, Corinne Phillips hosts The Tailory
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Phillips, Corinne
Cooper, Danielle
Yang, Shao
Part presentation, part Q&A, FIT's "Faces & Places in Fashion" lecture series is an opportunity to connect students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting.
Transition of Style, a new podcast that explores the ways in which personal style and queer identity meet. The podcast is at once personal and informative, and packs an emotional punch.
In 2014, Danielle launched She's a Gent, a blog that celebrates and explores personal style while also using it as a tool to bring awareness to women in menswear. In a very short period of time, She's a Gent has transformed into a multi-digital publication which creates visibility for the LGBTQ+ and QPOC communities. "She's a Gent" has been recognized in Forbes, The New York Times, Huffington Post, OUT Magazine, Vogue, and Nike.com. As the founder of a multi-network digital platform that uses fashion as visual activism, Danielle is committed to empowering others through content creation and storytelling. If there is one thing that she hopes you take away from her journey, it is that you continue to be free enough to be YOU!
The idea for The Tailory New York began when I decided to direct my years of fashion design and men's tailoring experience towards my own wardrobe. As a pant suit aficionado and a lover of men's fashion and tailoring, I was always drawn to tailored clothing and strived to create fashion that conveyed the same message of confidence that a perfectly custom tailored suit did for men. Style icons like Sean Connery and Cary Grant, as well as modern day 007 Daniel Craig (shaken not stirred) were always my style inspirations. To me, they are the epitome of refinement and sophistication, true gentlemen in style. My passion for fashion and tailoring led me through the Fashion Design program at Parsons followed by stints in custom tailoring, fashion design, fashion styling and brand development. But the more I integrated myself in the industry, the more I realized that impeccable fit, for men and women, was almost impossible to find in ready to wear clothing. So, I launched The Tailory New York, a way for me to combine my two passions, Fashion Design and Custom Tailoring. Everyone wants to look their best and having a wardrobe curated to your body and lifestyle not only enables you to look your best but makes you feel your best.
The Tailory New York is a custom clothing company that combines modern fashion design with the heritage art of custom tailoring. At The Tailory New York, we live by the notion that your wardrobe should not only fit perfectly, but should be designed with only you in mind. The result? Impeccable custom fit and custom designed pieces that can be integrated seamlessly into your lifestyle.
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