The New Stereotype
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Fraley, Keith (Host)
Pollard, Donald (Host)
Turner-Gilchrist, Marquelle (Panelist)
Oduor, Wendy (Panelist)
The New Stereotype (TNS) is a transformative project that began in 2015 with the aim of reshaping the narrative surrounding Black individuals in America using photography and fashion. At the heart of TNS lies “STORIES,” a year-long narrative journey that venerates the multifaceted tapestry of Black life in America, skillfully woven through the mediums of fashion, photography, and film.

“STORIES” unfolds as a book composed of diverse chapters, each illuminating the unique and authentic life narratives of Black men and women. These chapters cover topics from fashion, diaspora, ancestry, and Black hair and beauty, to parenthood, adversity, incarceration, globetrotting, masculinity, philanthropy, and beyond. At this panel discussion, Assistant Professor Keith Fraley and Adjunct Professor Donald Pollard will host an interview session featuring all three members of TNS.

This event is part of the FIT Diversity Collective’s Black History Month activities
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