Making in NYC Versus Africa

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Making in NYC Versus Africa
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Bland, Bob, 1982-
Ethical Fashion Initiative
Bob Bland, CEO and Founder of Manufacture New York, speaks at The Hand of Fashion. Artisanal production and new technologies such as 3D printing are making domestic reshoring of productions possible, and are changing the geography of labor. Both the EFI and Manufacture New York collaborate with new brands in the U.S. while looking for artisanal capacities for product development domestically.
The Hand of Fashion series brings together industry leaders in sustainable fashion practices, as well as friends and collaborators of the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI). The EFI is a United Nations program that connects and enables artisans in developing countries to work directly with top fashion brands on an ongoing basis. Having worked with some of the most innovative fashion designers around the world, the EFI has developed a set of pioneering sustainable practices for the fashion industry. The EFI also mentors new designers from Africa and collaborates with high-end retailers all over the world.
Simone Cipriani, the founder of EFI, presents the various aspects of sustainability in fashion through conversations with a number of key industry experts, managers, and designers. All the guests have collaborated with the EFI, and each bring different aspects of innovation in sustainable fashion to their work.
The series of discussions are intended to widen the understanding of sustainability in fashion design and to enable and encourage sustainable thinking as part of fashion, which will help establish a new normal in the industry.
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