Talking Trade at FIT: The ESG Challenge

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Talking Trade at FIT: The ESG Challenge
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Price, Sydney
Church, Pamela
Borney, Gian Mario
D’Arienzo, Bill
Global brands have had to consistently navigate the protocols, cultures, and shifting legal sands upon which these international trade and marketing realities have precariously, albeit successfully, functioned. ESG (environmental, social, and governance) has thrust upon us demanding and disruptive protocols, insisting on displacing traditional ways of thinking, and their time-tested norms. As change is challenging and uncertainty often follows, one inevitability is the need to solve our problems by developing new modes of thinking, opening up to previously unimaginable business strategies, and designing new, yet untested, business models. To manage these outcomes we need to drill down into the bedrock issues that all global brands must manage.
The forum will offer insights and strategies on these four bedrock issues, regulatory challenges to global trade from ESG and Intellectual Property standards, reconciling ESG with business growth and revenue objectives, avoiding greenwashing in global ESG advertising and marketing, and protecting brand integrity by leading ESG with company values.
Panelists: Sydney Price, Founder and CEO, The Knew Purpose (TKP); Pamela Church, Partner and Head of IP, Baker & McKenzie LLP; Gian Mario Borney, Worldwise Strategy Executive, Advisor, and Educator of Fashion and Luxury Management; Strategic Business Development, and Strategic Alliances. Moderator: Bill D'Arienzo, Founder, WDA Brand Strategies Management
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