Commencement 2018: Address to the Graduates: Chuck Hoberman, Designer, Engineer, Inventor

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Commencement 2018: Address to the Graduates: Chuck Hoberman, Designer, Engineer, Inventor


Chuck Hoberman, Designer, Engineer, Inventor, addresses the graduates at FIT's 2018 Commencement Undergraduate Exercises. May 24, 2018, Radio City Music Hall.
Nowhere do the disciplines of art, architecture, and engineering fuse as seamlessly as in the work of inventor Chuck Hoberman, internationally known for his “transformable structures.” Through his products, patents, and structures, Hoberman demonstrates how objects can be foldable, retractable, or shape-shifting.
Hoberman is the founder of Hoberman Associates, a multidisciplinary practice that utilizes transformable principles for a wide range of applications including dynamic architecture, transformable stage sets, consumer products, deployable shelters and structures for aerospace. Examples of his commissioned work include the transforming video screen for the U2 360° world tour (2009-2011), the Hoberman Arch in Salt Lake City, installed at Medals Plaza for the Winter Olympic Games (2002), a retractable dome for the World’s Fair in Hanover, Germany (2000), and ‘Emergent Surface’ (2008) shown at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
Hoberman has over twenty patents for his transformable inventions and has won numerous awards for his designs. He is the Pierce Anderson Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and is an associate faculty member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.



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