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Faces and Places in Fashion: Mark Drew



Fashion and fine art photographer Mark Drew was the guest speaker at Faces and Places in Fashion. "Faces and Places in Fashion" provides an opportunity to connect with the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting. "Faces & Places in Fashion" is a lecture series, class, and forum for prominent fashion professionals to discuss their trade, experience, and perspective on the business.
Mark Drew was born in Pacoima, Los Angeles, California, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Northern San Fernando Valley. Although a Native of Los Angeles, Mark Drew grew up in Plainfield (birthplace of Irving Penn), New Jersey. At an early age Mark felt the need to use photography as a means of escape. Perhaps the radical tradition and spontaneity in Mark's photography was shaped by the characteristics of those early years in history.
Well known for his sumptuous black and white pictures, Mark Drew emphasizes provocation and absolute seduction that are unveiled in each photographic vision with modesty and generosity. Mostly photographing the deeper human connection with elemental objects that surround us, Mark Drew is an artist who's is not afraid to remind us that there is an unbroken link between us and the visual world that surrounds us as well as the mental world we live within ourselves.



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