Faces and Places in Fashion: Elizabeth “Liz” Leifer, Chief Creative Officer, Play Out Underwear

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Faces and Places in Fashion: Elizabeth “Liz” Leifer, Chief Creative Officer, Play Out Underwear


Elizabeth "Liz" Leifer, Chief Creative Officer of Play Out Underwear, spoke at Faces and Places in Fashion. FIT's "Faces and Places in Fashion" provides an opportunity to connect with the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting. "Faces & Places in Fashion" is a lecture series, class, and forum for prominent fashion professionals to discuss their trade, experience, and perspective on the business.
Says Leifer, "I originally come from a purely creative background, having started as a painter and scenic artist, moving into film production and then on to styling and creative direction. As I’ve moved forward in my career, I have been very diligent in learning all the business and money sides of all my creative endeavors. I feel very lucky that I am able to utilize the culmination of all my previous experience as I continue to learn and grow with the industry as a brand consultant and the CCO of Play Out Underwear. Though I have worked in corporate settings for the last several years, I maintain my entrepreneurial spirit and believe in leading by example, rolling my sleeves up, and supporting those who support me, to achieve their individual goals as well as the larger team and company goals. Because I was an independent contractor and team leader for so long, I have been able to help studios and creative teams grow and it has sort of become my specialty. When I started at Net-A-Porter, we had a total of 43 people in the studio, when I left we were at 135, which too a lot of work and coordination for our management team, but we loved every minute of it. When I arrived at Intermix a bit under 2 years ago, they were farming out their seasonal campaigns, creating 14-26 editorial images per month and shooting 4 to 5 additional seasonal reports/marketing collaborations. Now we shoot 3 days of editorial content (60-70 assets) for the homepage and daily emails, 4-6 marketing initiatives including our A.L.C x Intermix capsule collection last August featuring Chrissy Teigan, which I produced and art directed, shot by Emma Summerton. 3-4 editorial laydown shoots, 2-4 social media shoots and have taken all our Look Book and seasonal campaign production and creative, in house. The bottom line is that I love telling stories that will engage and excite customers, ultimately compelling them to identify and derive joy from aligning with a brand. The world is hard. Life can be hard. Everyone feels better when they love what they have on."



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