Fashion Unraveled Colloquium: Selene States, “The Inauthentic Interwar Dress Collection”

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Fashion Unraveled Colloquium: Selene States, “The Inauthentic Interwar Dress Collection”


Inspired by the MFIT exhibition Fashion Unraveled and organized by MFIT and the Fashion Research Network, this one-day colloquium explored the concepts of memory, wear, and imperfection in fashion. Speakers focused on imperfect garments and the significance of dressing as a habitual, intimate, and ephemeral act.
Selene States is an artist, design scholar, and translator. She studied fine art, art history, theater, and film studies at UC Berkeley, University of Heidelberg, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, UCLA, and State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe. Her PhD in art and design at the Bauhaus University and research at the Commercial Pattern Archive, University of Rhode Island, draws on practice-based approaches to design and exhibit an “authentic” collection of modernist women’s pants from the interwar period. Her study of retro-nostalgic artifacts and narratives extends to States’ feminist performance, video, and installation practice, exhibited at the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, l’Aubette Strasbourg, Milton Keynes Gallery among others.


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