Interview of Philip Milio, Nancy Grossman, and Lynn Glazer, or the Student Activities Office, 1994 November 17

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Interview of Philip Milio, Nancy Grossman, and Lynn Glazer, or the Student Activities Office, 1994 November 17


Carol Poll interviews Nancy Grossman, Philip Milio, and Lynn Glazer about their work in the Student Life office at FIT. Glazer, the program coordinator, began at the office in 1969 in a clerical capacity. Grossman, the director of Student Life, began in 1973 when it was known as the Student Activities office. Grossman discusses their 1975 move to 242 W. 27th Street, a shared building with the counseling office. Grossman then discusses early programming such as a disco night at a student pub called “Binsky’s,” named after labor leader David Dubinsky. Philip Milio joined the office as a student in 1971. After matriculating at FIT thanks to a portfolio of photos taken during his service in Vietnam, Milio became involved in student government, ultimately becoming their President. Milio discusses his internship under Grossman and the founding of FIT’s craft center, which began with a pottery wheel and darkroom and eventually hosting classes on belly dancing and ethnic cooking among other activities. The group discusses the benefits of programming for students, especially as diversity has increased at the school. Many students find a home for their identity while others have discovered a true passion and redirected their careers. The group then introduces the annual leadership retreat, begun in 1971. Faculty advisers are required to take an 8-week training course before leading the students on retreat, and the program has been so successful that Student Life paired with the Sociology Department to develop a course based on the same tenants. Grossman discusses barriers to teaching for “non-classroom faculty,” and then they launch into an in-depth discussion on student government at FIT. They then describe the birth of “Icon,” FIT’s literary magazine. Launched in 1977 as “There’s a Future in Plastics,” the magazine has expanded beyond literature to include student artwork. The group discusses FIT’s first talent show in the early 1970s and then shares special memories such as a list of couples who met at FIT and the dramatic demise of FIT’s dress code. Finally, they talk about how the relationship between the union and student government has grown and how grateful they are for the community at Student Life.


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