Interview of Marc Rosenberg and Raoul Nacinovich of the Physical Education Department, circa 1994-1995

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Interview of Marc Rosenberg and Raoul Nacinovich of the Physical Education Department, circa 1994-1995


This is an interview with Marc Rosenberg and Raoul Nacinovich of the Department of Physical Education and Dance. Rosenberg and Nacinovich met while teaching at DeWitt Clinton High School. Nacinovich was the basketball coach at FIT and would later become the athletic director of the school. The two discuss the familial feel of FIT in the 1960s and how much of that intimacy has been lost, perhaps due to the fact that the school is moving toward more part-time employees. They fondly remember activities such as an annual Thanksgiving scavenger hunt wherein Marvin Feldman was constantly interrupted by students darting into his office to ask questions. Then the two discuss the athletic program’s development and mention how many of their students go on to receive athletic scholarships at 4-year institutions. They talk about course offerings and athletic seasons, as well as the source of their funding. Rosenberg and Nacinovich talk about how they dealt with space constraints and the advantages of team travel. They then launch into a humorous story about Marvin Feldman’s encounter with a group of Hell’s Angels and his devotion to the athletic department. The two discuss student body changes over time and remember successful alumni. They finish the interview with another story on Feldman’s special connection to the department.


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