Difficult Conversations: Talking about Race, Communication, and Social Justice with Dr. Tina M. Harris

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Difficult Conversations: Talking about Race, Communication, and Social Justice with Dr. Tina M. Harris


Louisiana State University Professor Dr. Tina M. Harris, one of the foremost experts in interracial communication, will be the guest speaker for an online event titled “Difficult Conversations: Talking about Race, Communication, and Social Justice.” Dr. Harris’s guest attendance will be a two-part program. First, Dr. Harris will give a talk exploring race, media, and social justice issues and ways these concepts intersect. Purpose of the talk is to help the audience gain a deeper understanding of interracial communication and the need for communication competence. Second, the talk will have an interview format, where Dr. Nurhayat Bilge will both raise questions and facilitate student questions to further the discussion.
Dr. Tina M. Harris is an internationally renowned interracial communication scholar with particular interests in race, media representations, and racial social justice. Her pedagogy, research, and service at LSU are driven by her desire to empower others with the communication and critical thinking skills necessary for becoming global citizens. The end goal of these efforts is to equip students to use an applied approach where theory leads to practice in a world where racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity are a welcome inevitability.


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