Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management 2020 Capstone: The Future of Wellbeing

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Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management 2020 Capstone: The Future of Wellbeing


The Master’s in Professional Studies in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management is the only program of its kind. A think tank of innovative leadership, the program provides advanced education for emerging executives, fostering both creative and analytical business skills. Students obtain a global perspective through field studies in multiple overseas markets. Through academic and experiential learning and an Executive Mentor Program, the curriculum facilitates the development of empathic leaders with the objective of shepherding brands that are global corporate citizens with products that delight and inspire the consumer.
The capstone project (final thesis) reflects the partnership between industry and the classroom. Working in teams, graduating students develop an innovative, in-depth, interdisciplinary approach to a strategic topic determined by the faculty. They present their results to a panel of faculty and industry experts at an industry-sponsored event. In addition, students present their research to industry associations such as The Fragrance Foundation, retailers such as Macy’s, and executives at companies like L'Oréal and Johnson & Johnson.
The concept of wellness is evolving across markets, cultures, and societies into a new global consumer focus on holistic wellbeing. This evolution is permeating a vast array of industries and public sectors, with deep roots in socioeconomics, politics, healthcare, and environmentalism. Given its multifaceted impact, the Capstone research assignment for the CFMM graduating class of 2020 was to explore The Future of Wellbeing from two perspectives: global and domestic.


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