Civility Week 2020: Through Our Eyes, a film by SpotlightFIT

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Civility Week 2020: Through Our Eyes, a film by SpotlightFIT


Documentary premiere and conversation by student collective SpotlightFIT.
Also part of the Campus Exhibitions and Art and Design Gallery Colloborative Artist Talk Lecture Series.
Spotlight FIT made the socially distanced documentary Through Our Eyes 2020 to amplify voices of Black, Indigenous, and POC students at FIT. The 2019–20 academic year impacted students’ lives deeply. The documentary features interviews with eight current and former FIT students regarding how the 2019–20 academic year, in addition to racism on campus, affected their educational and creative lives. The students discuss their experiences with a racist incident at the MFA Fashion Show, the COVID-19 crisis, and the Black Lives Matter uprisings across the nation.
Please actively listen to the testimonials of these students and their experiences with an open mind. Spotlight’s goal is to create a dialogue for students who feel unheard. We encourage you to listen actively while reflecting on your own privileges and participation in systemic racism. The views expressed in this documentary are those of its participants and may not necessarily represent the views of the Fashion Institute of Technology.


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