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Art/Works: Art and Design Internships


Teaching Business and Labor History to Art and Design Students presents the Art/Works: Teaching Labor and Capitalism in Art and Design symposium.
Panel 3: Art and Design Internships: Juliette Romano, Fashion Institute of Technology; Stephanie Hsu, JS Cllections & Kay Unger; Erin Yamagata, Refinery29, Fashion Institute of Technology graduate; Rena Sussman-Silverman, Fashion Institute of Technology; Chair: Vincent Quan, Fashion Institute of Technology
Artists and designers aspire to be creative geniuses, and they often are. But they are also bosses, employees, members of professional associations, and citizens of nations that encourage and restrain their creative work in various ways. Art and design students are generally not taught the intricacies of those other roles, how to navigate them, or how to change them. This virtual symposium brings together professionals and educators to explore pedagogical practices in business and labor history for Art and Design students and curricula. In a series of panels and networking sessions, professionals, educators, and students discuss how art and design industries and careers are shaped by labor practices, unions and collectives, workplace equity (or lack thereof), internships, and the history of racial discrimination, cultural appropriation, and other topics in art and design.
The Teaching Business and Labor History to Art and Design project is directed by Daniel Levinson Wilk, Ph.D., and Kyunghee Pyun, Ph.D.
Teaching Business and Labor History to Art and Design Students has been made possible in part by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Humanities Connections Implementation Grants.


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Teaching Labor and Capitalism in Art and Design

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