Sustainability Awareness Week 2021: Collaborations with Nature -- The FIT Genspace Scholars Program

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Sustainability Awareness Week 2021: Collaborations with Nature -- The FIT Genspace Scholars Program


Have you ever wondered what you could design with nature as your collaborator? Biodesign has opened up new possibilities in everything from bioplastics to microbial pigments to mushroom based consumer goods. See how biology can pave the way to a more sustainable future with the FIT Genspace Scholars program.
In this session, you will hear from Jehovani Lopez about how FIT scholars can use Genspace’s biology lab, equipment, and subject matter experts to innovate at the intersection of sustainability, design, and biotechnology. Previous projects include using food waste to develop new biomaterial growth processes, developing bioplastics as petroleum-based alternative materials, and bioengineering performance fibers with structural color. Genspace will support your work from project development to experiment design to data analysis and presentation.
Also, earn FIT internship credits and get hands-on biology training to incorporate into your practice. Stay afterwards for a brief Q&A with the FIT Genspace Scholars Program Manager, Jehovani Lopez.
About Genspace:
Genspace is the world’s first community biology lab — a place where people of all backgrounds and identities can learn, create, and grow with the life sciences. Since 2009, we have served the greater New York area by providing hands-on STEAM education programs for youth and adults,cultural and outreach events for the public, and a membership program to support New York’s community of creatives, researchers, and entrepreneurs. What will you make with us?
Sustainability is a key component of FIT’s mission and is embedded in the college’s curriculum and operations. During virtual Sustainability Awareness Week, we invite our community to learn about recent innovations from leaders in the industry, FIT students, faculty, staff, and alumni; experience FIT’s efforts to make a positive impact on the earth; and discover new ways to live with a smaller footprint.



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