FIT 4th Semester Student Fashion Show: 2003 Spring

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FIT 4th Semester Student Fashion Show: 2003 Spring


FIT student fashion show featuring clothing designed by 4th semester F.I.T. students. Remarks by Francesca Sterlacci, Chair, Fashion Design Department; Dr. Joyce Brown, President of FIT; Critic Liz Boylan and award winner Amee Riesenberger; Marion Roche for critic Nanette Lepore and award winner Jessica L. Mostow, Miguel Pena for critic David Dalrymple and award winner Carolina Zuniga-Aisa, critic Charles Nolan and award winner Jennifer Cho, critic Elliot Staples and award winner Zebulon Hounslea, critic Anne Pinkerton and award winner Melissa Ramaglia, critic Henry Picado and award winner Julie Keener, critic B. Michael and award winner Sarah Blacketer, critic George Samen and award winner Thu M. Nguyen. Designs feature Childrenswear, Current Scene, Sportswear Design, Knitwear, Intimate Apparel, Evening Wear, Tailored Garments.
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