Globally Connected: Professional Interactions in a Global World

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Globally Connected: Professional Interactions in a Global World


We are globally connected. We are more vibrant, mobile, and globally interconnected than any other point in time. As a result, our professional lives offer energizing and inspiring diversity across the globe. Yet, are we prepared to work side by side and collaborate with people who may see the world differently than we do? Global connectivity is enriching but also challenging in many ways. In this talk, Eva Haug and Nurhayat Bilge will discuss challenges of global work and offer insights for more effective interactions through their expertise and their personal experiences working in and working with cultural differences.
Nurhayat Bilge is an assistant professor in the Department of English and Communication Studies at FIT.
Eva Haug is the educational advisor for Internationalization of the Curriculum & COIL and senior lecturer of Intercultural Competence at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
Globally Connected @ FIT is a series of 45-minute virtual discussions led by students, faculty, and alumni to advance global education at FIT in our world with limited mobility. The major themes are fashion, art, sustainability, racial equity, and life during the pandemic around the world. Hosted by the Office of International Programs and the Cultural Fellows, and the History of Art Department.


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