Sustainable Business and Design Conference: 2022 Pathways to Impact: Finding Worth in Waste

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Sustainable Business and Design Conference: 2022 Pathways to Impact: Finding Worth in Waste


FIT’s 16th annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference: Pathways to Impact centers on four core themes that highlight the intersectionality of sustainable practices. Over the course of two intensive days, attendees will be immersed in keynotes, talks, and panel discussions providing pathways to Social Justice x Social Responsibility, Environment x Materials, Consumption x Waste, and Design x Business. The speakers are trailblazers in numerous facets of sustainability and emphasize the FIT community’s commitment to best practices in all its operations—including student projects, faculty and staff initiatives, and campus facilities.
Finding Worth in Waste: a conversation with Dr. Daniel Benkendorf, Associate Professor, Psychology, FIT, and Jessica Schreiber, Founder and CEO, FABSCRAP.
Daniel Benkendorf is an associate professor of psychology at FIT and the assistant chair of the multidisciplinary Social Sciences Department. His current research interests include the impact of consumer culture on individual well-being and the capacity of nature experiences to promote both well-being and pro-environmental behavior. He has just completed his term as president of the Society for Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association. He is the author of several original psychology courses at FIT, including Psychology for Sustainability.
Jessica Schreiber is the creator of FABSCRAP, a nonprofit organization that pioneered a system for recycling and reuse of commercial textile waste. After receiving a master’s degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University, Schreiber worked at the Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability at the New York City Department of Sanitation. When several fashion brands reached out to her to ask how they could recycle their excess fabric, Schreiber was inspired to create a solution for fashion’s textile waste problem. After successfully pitching her idea on Lifetime’s Project Runway: Fashion Startup, she was awarded several investment grants to officially launch FABSCRAP in 2016. The nonprofit has since evolved into an industry-leading community addressing waste.


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