BFA Fashion Show 2011: The Future of Fashion (part 5 of 5)

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BFA Fashion Show 2011: The Future of Fashion (part 5 of 5)


The best work of FIT’s graduating fashion design students is presented every spring in a professional runway show. Specializations include sportswear, special occasion, knitwear, intimate apparel, and children’s wear.
The 2011 award winners: Jinsol Kim, Critic Award Winner, Children’s Wear; Nathalie Quirin, Critic Award Winner, Intimate Apparel; Yaeji Son, Critic Award Winner, Knitwear; Olga Bely, Critic Award Winner, Knitwear; Tatiana Baibabaeva, Critic Award Winner and Cotton Inc. Award Winner, Special Occasion; Bokyeong (Juliette) Kim, Critic Award Winner, Sportswear; Hwayoung Jo Cho, Critic Award Winner, Sportswear; Raphaela Marra, Critic Award Winner, Sportswear; Burcu Gundogar, Critic Award Winner, Sportswear; Hyeyaen (Michelle) Yoon, Critic Award Winner, Sportswear; Elin Johansson, Cotton Inc. Award Winner, Knitwear; Chilali Fernandez-Mouradin, Cotton Inc. Award Winner, Sportswear; Eun Mi Sohn, Cotton Inc. Award Winner, Children’s Wear; Francielle Stiefelmann, Cotton Inc. Award Winner, Intimate Apparel. Sponsored by Cotton Incorporated.


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