CFMM Capstone 2015 - New Luxury Platforms

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CFMM Capstone 2015 - New Luxury Platforms


Class of 2015 Capstone Research Presentations.
The notion of retail is changing for luxury, as quickly as the epicenters of luxury and consumer values. Today, e-commerce outpaces brick and mortar five to one. Further, consumer priorities are shifting towards experience vs. product. As such, luxury brick and mortar retailers must offer consumers a new value equation. What is the right concept for the future of brick and mortar luxury retail? Is there a role for more intimate retail experiences, and is there a danger of fatigue among new consumers with the excess of global flagship stores? What is the next evolution of luxury retail?
Group Leader: Amanda Bopp. Co-Leader: Rachel Ball. Julie Conlon, Hannah de Boer, Juliana Hendershot, Sonya Lucki, Priyanka Malhotra, Catherine Velazquez.
Music: "See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)" by Wiz Khalifa. Category: Education. License: Standard YouTube License.
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