Archive on Demand is an online video platform created by the Gladys Marcus Library to showcase events occuring at the Fashion Institute of Technology. We provide the FIT community and the general public with access to the events, lectures, exhibitions, oral histories, and instruction that makes FIT a unique institution.

Collection Highlights

With its earliest materials dating back to the late-1970's, Archive on Demand documents nearly 50 years of FIT History and includes videos from each of FIT's academic divisions. Our most popular content includes a poetry reading by acclaimed writer Ocean Vuong in 2017, a series of classic instructional videos on draping and sewing originally produced in 1982, and hundreds of videos from the Museum at FIT. Our student fashion shows range from 1982 to present, and includes many shows put on by the Soul Club of FIT, a historically-important student club that supported the development of young Black designers and models at FIT.

FIT's Special Collections and College Archives' oral history program documents both the fashion industries and the history of FIT itself, including interviews with Princess Grace of Monaco and Ralph Lauren. The Faces and Places in Fashion lecture series connects students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting. A more recent series, FIT Authors, showcases the published authors of the FIT community.

Whether it's a demonstration of 18th Century Hair and Makeup Techniques, or a discussion with an Oscar-winning filmmaker, there's something for everyone on Archive on Demand.

Related Sites

Users may find additional, relevant material in the FIT Institutional Repository, a site that focuses on the intellectual and creative output of the FIT community. While Archive on Demand places a primary emphasis on public event videos, the Institutional Repository prioritizes coursework and research in other formats, such as graduate theses, artwork, and exhibition images. While there may be occasional overlap between the two platforms, with some material appearing on both sites, they generally serve as distinct resources.

Users looking for additional content from the Library's Special Collections and College Archives (SPARC) can also visit SPARC Digital, which features collections of original fashion sketches, photographs, illustrations, and historic fashion plates.

Rights Information

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If you feel a work violates copyright law, please contact us at [email protected] and notify us immediately. Our intention is purely educational, but we will promptly remove any material determined to be in violation.